2019 EAA Grand Champion


First Cessna 150 EAA Grand Champion

Dennis Ozment's 2019 Oshkosh Grand Champion, 1968 Cessna 150H N23232 restored with FAA mechanic A&P/IA Rodney Halfpap.  Includes Pinpoint Harnessing power wiring with original style wire identification printed on fiberglass sleeves to simulate early nylon jacketed PVC insulated M5086 airframe wire. Also supplied with AA59569R30T1125 flat braid battery ground simulating the original lighter duty Cessna braid.

More photos available on my Facebook page.  Actual EAA photos coming soon.

Videos of Ozment's first Grand Champion from 2017.  EAA   Illinois Stories

 I recently purchased a hot stamping machine.  As time and resources allow I'll experiment with sleeves to better replicate the original look and font to suit restoration requirements.  

OEM Cables



For the detailed restoration, I use Techflex Tru-Fit due to the acrylic binder resisting contamination to replicate the original nylon weave jacket found on early M5086/2 power cables.  Tru-Fit natural is darker than the original nylon.  Ultra-Flex is close, but is not acrylic treated.  

Update 25OCT18, first customer received his cables tonight.  See wire B8 PA10 is the gallery below.  

“Opened the box tonight to amazing cables!  I’m very impressed. Even better in person than photos!”

Generation 1 shield terminals used on Cessna voltage regulator harnesses posted in the gallery!