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Welcome to Pinpoint Harnessing.  My name is Michael Denman and I'm a FAA certificated A&P mechanic with 22+ years airline structure and avionics experience.  2 years of Tulsa Technology Center avionics training with an FCC(GROL) license provided opportunity for 6 years in a bench avionics shop.

I cannot say enough about AEA Training.  I've attended Basic Wiring, Pitot/Static XPDR and Repair Station classes.  These courses are excellent for shops of any size to grow A&P wiring/avionics capability.

Scroll thru the pages for wiring products and hopefully useful installation tips to modernize your airframe wiring. 

 Don't miss the Restoration page showcasing Dennis Ozment's 2019 EAA Grand Champion with Pinpoint Harnessing wiring.


Preventative maintenance has it's place.  Performance can be adversely affected by increased resistance within corroded or damaged terminals and conductors.  

PPH aircraft harnesses are built with properly maintained tooling using aircraft grade materials.  All non-aviation wiring is built to the same rigorous aviation reliability standards.

I do not sell materials, only harnesses.

When contacting me about avionics harnesses include component model numbers and any missing connectors. Provide aircraft N number or serial number for airframe wiring. Email is the best form of contact.

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