OEM Cables

Closer. Asked the printer to make it a little smaller and darker.


For the detailed restoration, I'm experimenting with natural and white fiberglass sleeve to replicate the original nylon weave jacket found on early M5086/2 power cables.  I use Techflex Tru-Fit due to the acrylic binder resisting contamination.  Tru-Fit natural is darker than the original nylon.  Ultra-Flex is close, but is not acrylic treated.  Once Tru-Fit white arrives, I'll see how well the laser burns wire labels.  Stay tuned.

Generation 1 shield terminals used on Cessna voltage regulator harnesses posted in the gallery!

Premium Cables


I'm working with a local printer to ink print and UV laser wire numbers and symbols as close to original as possible.  Coming sometime in 2018.

Cabel Upsizing

Early model OEM 4 cylinder starter cables are 4 AWG.  Starters prefer the increase current capacity of larger diameter 2 AWG cables installed on later models.  All PPH premium labeled cable sets are made with 2 AWG cable for battery and starter.


Factory and/or personal logos printed on your power wires.  Subject to trademark laws.